Thursday, April 10, 2014

Candy 400 Followers

Hello to you all we saw that we have almost 400 Followers at
So if we reach the 400 followers someone 
will get this certificate of $25.00
to spend at ScrapbookSociety Shop isn't that great.
So come and join us.

What must you do for it.
Well not much.

1 ] Be or  Become a follower
2 ] Put the challenge blog in your sidebar
3 ] Give a comment
 and please put a number in front
so I know who has won.

From all the comments I take 1 lucky person.
Goodluck to everyone.


  1. Doe graag mee aan deze mooie candy, daarom waag ik graag een gokje...

    groetjes Bea.

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