Friday, April 3, 2015

Sherri Baldy's New Color-ology Design Team on YouTube

Just wanted to share with you all a fantastic new Sherri Baldy's Design Team on YouTube.  The team will be featuring videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday we will have Tips and the form of tutorials.

On Thursday we will have Tutorials and possibly how to apply what we shared on Tuesday to a card/project.

Here is your new Color-ology team on YouTube:

 Thanks for watching the video...we would love for you to subscribe, comment and share!

Here are some of the new products we will be using for our Tutorials on Youtube:

Pigment powder (Hot pink)
 The new Color-ology kit containing: 5 primary pigment powders, 3 glimmer powders, measuring spoons, a bunch of white flowers to color with your powders.  3 spray bottles.
Pretty primary blue
Sherri's New Paper Line:


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