Friday, October 16, 2015

Sherri Baldy's Pocket Letters - Printable and Perfect to send!

Pocket Letters are growing more and more popular every day. 
Do you know what they are??

You purchase a baseball card sleeve and fill each "pocket" with something special to send to a Pen Pal or friend anywhere around the world! 

Sherri Baldy has made this process easy for you!  All you have to do is pick your favorite design and print them off, cut them up and slide them into the "pockets".   You can embellish them anyway you want. 

Let's check out what Sherri Baldy's Pocket Letter team created this month so far!
If you would like to join us at our Facebook group and share your My Besties Pocket Letters click here!

DT Julie Gleeson created this gorgeous Pocket Letter called "Fairy Loveliness" available here at  (More beautiful details can be seen at My Besties Pocket Letters Facebook group here.

Sherri Baldy's My Besties "Fairy Loveliness" printable looks like this when you purchase it from the store. 

A new pocket letter called Halloween Frankie & Friends is also available this month at Sherri Baldy's My Besties Shop here.

For some more delightful Halloween fun you can see what DT Christina Betts created by watching her video using this printable Pocket Letter called "Bestie Boo" .  Available here.
Here is the video for this Bestie Boo Pocket Letter- click the picture to watch:

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