Thursday, March 31, 2016

Oh How Lovely All The Green...

Top O' The Mornin' to ya lads and lasses!
I am back and plan to stay with the Scrapbook Stamp Society Blog.
I will be posting every 31st of the months that have 31 days!
March reminds me of so many good things. My Gran's Birthday was March 16th, and although she is gone to make a place for us in heaven...she continues to let us know her soul is with us by leaving dimes where we can find them when we long for her most. In March we also celebrate the Birth of my 4th grandchild Jericho. He is the sweetest Lil' Cowboy in all the world, and he has brought me so much joy to replace my sorrow and longing for my Gran. 
There is one holiday that most celebrate in the month of March though, and that is St. Patrick's Day. 
So, I created the most adorable little stick pins and boxes to match with the most precious Bestie doll as the highlight of it all.
I have been ill with and have had the most up most love and respect shown to me by 3 very special ladies. So I decided that I would create these treasures for them. 
Here are pictures of my paper treasures to share with you...

I love the way they turned out! That little white circle in the last picture is where the Bestie velcros to the paper to close the little box and keeps it from opening. 
I hope that you love my little paper treasures and beautiful green and gold stick pins.
If you are interested...I also have a video of this project that I would love to share with you...

I hope that you will watch the video also, so that you may see the goodies I have created, and whom they were created for. 
I will see you again on the 31st of  May. 
Until blessed my Besties!


  1. This is so wonderful Yvonne! Thank you so much for sharing with us today. Hugs, Vicki

  2. What a gorgeous project! Love those stick pins. My great Grandma's birthday was on March 17th. Glad you are back!


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