Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What could you do with tissue paper, soap and a Bestie

Hey everyone!  With Mother's Day right around the corner
alot of memories have floated in and out of mind.

I was already knitting up some washclothes to add
to my stash when one of those old memories popped
into my head and BAM the idea was born and ready
for me to get busy.

What possibly could a bar of soap and tissue paper have to do
with a Besties?

Way back in my elementary school years when you would
make Mother's Day presents as your art class we did a project
with pretty printed napkins and soap.  Cutting up the napkin
and adhering to the soap for our gifts with a little note.

Why not recreate this idea with my own twist.

Taking Besties Printables and printing them onto the tissue paper
and mod podging them to the soap for a sweet little gift.
With tons of cuties to pick from the ideas are endless

Check out all the printables available

So the question is how?  Cut a piece of the tissue paper to fit a piece of paper 
and tape it down and run through your printer.  Easy as that.

Cut around your image.  Doesn't have to be perfect.
Brush on the mod podge to the soap and put your image

You need to brush a layer on top as well.  Make sure to have plenty of 
mod podge on your brush as you want to make one good pass
over the top.  If you try to brush several times, the ink will bleed.
You can add another coat after the first dries to finish it off.

I paired a bar of Besties soap with a handmade washcloth
and tyed with a ribbon for a sweet little gift.

I hope you have enjoyed todays little idea.

Happy crafting

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