Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday with Lisa

Good Morning This Tutorial Tuesday #3
i am learning lots with these tutorials and the others posted with SSS
Today on the Blog we have a simple tutorial on how to create a simple Blog Button
I have learned myself by playing with the sizes and adding things to the squares or whatever shape you end up with
I got mostly squares
Here is a simple blog Button I created for earth Day this past Week
I used my header from my blog to start and then open in a Photo Editor
My header is from a free site, comes with everything except Text
You place in the Editor and Create whatever you prefer afterward
Make Sure you give Credit to the Host of the Templates you use
( This is Only Fair)
When placing in photo editor you can manuever mostly whatever
In this i created approx size
or just keep messing with to see what you prefer
I then can add color or take away
I also can use different methods such as things like
60's, soften, googleeyes, and lots more to create lots
There are so many Fonts
and different and ways to decorate you just need to find what you are looking for
After finding my color scheme
I add my logo or whatever the button is for
So inside the photo editor all the different tabs
such as
and Lots Lots More
So when you feel like take a moment and try one yourself
You might enjoy it
Thanks again for Taking time For Tutorial Tuesday This week and Dont Forget to come
Back 5/1 for another Tutorial Tuesday Posting
Thanks have a Spectacular day