Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Card Tutorial

Hello everyone Nataliya is here, and i like to show you how i made my card. First of all you will need to print your image. I made my image 7" toll, then i rotate it and placed on the bottom. So when you fold your card it will be open proper way. Anyways, you need to know how your printer work.  For my card i used this wonderful Princess image by amazing Artist Sherri "Glinda Got The Shoes 1"
After i printed, i placed design paper on the top of my image, and added sticky tape to hold the paper. Then make sure you place this paper in to the printer same way as first time. Print
Now i need only Dress for my Princess. On this photo you can see how i cut her Dress. For my tutorial i didn't colored image, but i will recommend to do this first 
Now glue all that little pieces to your image, and cut out paper around the Princess.  Just on the left side of her dress make a score and fold on half. 
Than grab some pencil and make a mark around your image . Then cut it out one more time. Don't you love your scissors after that??? And this is what you get on the end. Thaa Daaa!!!
Thanks for looking, and love to know what do you think about this.
Hugs Nataliya


  1. How creative and innovative.. will be so helpful when we are not in the mood to color! Thank You Nataliya


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