Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial

Handbag Card/ Box
I cannot claim this handbag idea as mine have seen it on several blogs/web pages etc but don't know who had the original idea..  Interestingly a friend a teacher who trained with me in the 70's used this idea for teaching a maths project many years ago.
This is the completed project,  I have not done a step by step this time as it is an easy project and fairly self explanatory.  I used stampin up papers and  rubber stamp, but you could use digital papers and stamps.
                                           Back of the box
                                                  Side view
As you can see there is no cutting on the 12 by 12 sheet of card.
Step one- score the card into 9 equal squares .
Step two- in the four corner panels score from the edge to middle square you can see this on the picture below.
Step three- in the two middle edge panels marked the mid point and then score from this point to both the middle panel joining edges, you can see that in the picture.
Step four- fold all the score line and using a scoring  tool re-enforce well.
Step five-The panels are all cut in the same way slightly smaller and adhere to the base card.
Step six -Cut a further piece of matching card 4 by 6 inches and turn the 12 by 12 over to plain side and adhere the card to the middle outside panel, to create a flap.  Cover this flap with a matching paper rectangle, skip the middle panel and then adhere a paper square to the outside middle panel.
Step seven - use a Velcro dot as the closure 
Step eight- if you want a ribbon handle punch a hole at each end of the flap and thread through the holes and tie a bow.
As you can see in the picture the card folds up into the correct shape fairly easily.  I do hope these instructions are clear leave a message on my blog here  if you want any help to complete the project.  Do give it a go, once you have made one you will see how easy it is.

One 12 by 12 piece of card
Piece of 4 by 6  matching card
Two sheets of matching papers or 1 and half sheets of double sided paper
24 inches of matching ribbon
Velcro dot
Glue of choice
Embellishments to match
Usual tools
Have a good week. Hugs Bee


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