Monday, April 15, 2013

Wee Winged Little Sister Besties


  aren't we just too,


      and too cute?

             and OH SO darling?

Aren't we?

Introducing Sherri Baldy's new creations

"Wee Winged Besties" 

There are several images for this set - click here to view them all and get your daily dose of adorable-ness.

Each month, the design team at Scrapbook Stamp Society is given a challenge. This month, we are to create cards utilizing embellishments not commonly seen on cards. I was given this adorable image called Wee Winged Little Sister Besties.

It was then that I noticed Big Sister was actually posing in front of a mirror so she could admire her pretty little self, 
          and to make sure her perfect little wings were on straight and had just the right amount of glitter,
                     and that her tights were properly pulled up.
                                 And... you know how big sisters are...

It was difficult keeping my reflection out of the "mirror" while photographing

The CD is both her mirror AND my uncommon embellishment for the card.

one more view of the "mirror" and these cuties.

Thanks for dropping by today! For details concerning the sentiments, construction and products used on this card, please visit my personal blog here.

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