Saturday, August 9, 2014

My-Besties Fabrics are here!

I'm sharing a post from Sherri's blog today because it is so exciting!!!  Imagine the possibilities..   baby blankets, bumpers, kiddie curtains, nightgowns, lamp shade covers and so much more..I could go on and on..  but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Read Sherri's post below for more great info...

My-Besties Fabrics are HERE!!!!!

Woooo Hooooo!!!! I am so over the MOON excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! our first grouping of My-Besties Fabric By The Yard has just been delivered to our Besties Studio door step!!! I was so excited to open the box

They have created some BEAUTIFUL! YUMMY My-Besties fabrics by the yard!! And are now sold in stores all over! Here is the box that just came for my artists samples...I get 4 yards of each for samples..I'm gonna have some FUN with this...

But the GREAT NEWS is our Bolts of My-Besties Fabric will be in stock in just a few days here at the farm...I will be posting and let you know when and were you can get ALL the My-Besties Fabrics By The Yard as soon as our shipment arrives....XOXO 


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