Thursday, September 3, 2015

Halloween Purple Haze - Pocket Letter

Hello Friends,
Today I am sharing a Pocket Letter with you!
You might say what is that just like I did about six weeks ago.
These fun little creations have taken the world by storm for sure
and they are the new craze in the paper crafting world all over the world.

Pocket Letters were originally created by Janette Lane. She wanted to do Project Life and came up with doing "Pocket Letters" talking to her friends on Instagram.

Pocket Letters are like ATC (artist trading cards) or mini postcards that are put into baseball card pocket sleeves. You can fold these up and mail them out to "pen pals".

There is normally a theme involved and you also send "goodies" that can be included in the pockets. A letter is included in one of the sleeves that is about the person who created the pocket letter.

Halloween ~ Purple Haze


Row 1

Row 2


Row 3

This fun Pocket letter was made using Sherri Baldy Designer
Printable Paper Pack
I have also used My Besties

I hope you have enjoyed this fun Pocket Letter

and I have helped to spark your creativity!

Happy crafting!


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