Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Bestie

Hello Everyone,

today I am working on my Christmas Cards, and found this adorable Christmas Bestie worked great for one of the cards I wanted to send.

Today, I colored this bestie with red, pink, peach, and green Prisma Colored Pencils.  When I added the pink for her fur, I thought it was a little bold, so I added some peach color to help blend it down to a more reasonable color.

I had a specific thought process in mind when I started this card, but, as it often happens with me, my ideas are out of my talent.  I am close, but not what I originally wanted.

When I added the pink flowers, there was to much "brightness" for Christmas with that much pink, so with the help my of Best Friend, she suggested I add white ink to make the flowers look snowed on and lessen the bright pink.

I completed the card by adding a white ribbon with a silver and pearl button and thean a few falling snowflakes.

I hope you like it!

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