Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...But First A Dinosaur Adventure!

Hi Friends...
I bet you all have been donning your winter clothes and slipping on your coats, scarves, and mittens, not to mention those adorable beanies with the big pom pom on top?
I on the other hand have been out on the Great Plains Safari on a Dinosaur adventure with my Grandson Jericho and his best buddy Blake. I love that Jericho is in school now and has had the opportunity to make new friends. It's so wonderful to see his eyes light up as he talks about all the buddies he has made at school. Saturday was his buddy Blake's Birthday. Jericho asked if I would please make one of my special Bestie cards for his Bestie Blake...he knows I'm busy working on my December Daily, but who could resist that precious little face, and his love of all things I create. So well he slept last Friday night I went on a Dinosaur Adventure. I created a cute little card for Blake using the "bestie boys" image. I took a couple pictures to share with y'all here, I wish I could share a picture of the boys but because of reasons of protection I won't post pictures of the boys. I will share with you the adorable Bestie Jericho with his Bestie Blake though...

Jericho loved the card and so did Blake and his family!!

Now to share the reason I love this season...Winter!!! I love winter...I love snow...I love going to my Daddy's cabin in the mountains. Fresh air, water that taste like heaven and of course SNOW! As I was putting this card together I couldn't help but see myself in this card happily standing on my Daddy's land enjoying a Limited Edition Winter. I used the image "3D Reindeer Antlers"  to help make this card look so festive and wonderful.
Here is my Beautiful Bestie Limited Edition Winter Card...

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and viewing my paper treasures as much as I enjoyed creating them.
I'll get back to my December Daily...See you all on the 20th for another look at this wonderful season we are so blessed to call ours. Remember to give to your local food back or Salvation Army. For giving is so much sweeter than receiving. 
Our true rewards are in heaven.
Until next time...
Be blessed...

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  1. Great cards! I especially love the winter themed card. It's gorgeous!


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