Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Cowboy Loves His Teacher...

Hello Friends...
Isn't it amazing how Summertime is just around the corner, and it's time for graduations and celebrations!
My Grandson Jericho graduated from Kindergarten this year! He is 100% All American Cowboy! 
So imagine how tickled he was when Miss Sherri, as he calls her, created a Cowboy Bestie! He thought it was especially for him.
So when "Teacher Appreciation Week" finally approached, he couldn't wait to make her a "Bestie Cowboy" card as one of her gifts. 
He did so well coloring his "Cowboy Bestie" and then he handed it to me asking, Ahmie...Now can you do your thing and make it perfect like always?? I said, "I sure will try Buddy"...so here you go...our best at working together...
Imagine how excited I was when he absolutely loved the finished card. 
Can y'all believe he colored this card?? Pretty darn good huh?
Anyway it wouldn't be me if I also didn't let you see the real Cowboy on his special Graduation day. 
 My Sweet Cowboy Jericho Before Graduation
Her her is with his beloved teacher! She gave him the best start in his education and we all love her very much.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit my blog share. It means so much to me to be a part of  "The Scrapbook Stamp Society Blog" and the "Bestie" Team in general.
I will be back again July 31st...with something new and terrific from Sherri's talented Bestie Collection.
Until then..
Be blessed my friends...
Yvonne (Jericho's Ahmie) :)


  1. Wow Yvonne ! Sooo cute ! And yes Jericho is right ! Sherri must have created this lovely cowboy with him in mind ! And also yes... He did a great job coloring the digi ! Creative regards, Gina

  2. Oh Yvonne this is so stinkin cute! He did such an amazing job with his coloring and what a great memory he has crafting with you.
    Hugs, Vicki

  3. Love it! Congrats to the handsome cowboy!

  4. Oh my gosh! Those are the 2 cutest cowboys I have ever seen! Love the pictures!


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