Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My-Besties "Cat Lovers" Coloring Book

Today I would like to share with you some more pages from Sherri Baldy's My-Besties "Cat Lovers" Coloring Book.
This is what the front cover looks like.
Here is a few pages you will find on the inside.

This is what the back cover looks like.
Sherri has so many wonderful kinds of coloring books that you can find here. She has Trolls, Steampunk, Big Beautiful Fluffy Girls, different holiday coloring books. There are way to many to name them all, and she is always coming out with new ones. So be looking out for those! :)

Come join us on facebook. Sherri has My Besties Design Color & Create, and Color and Create Cafe. They both are open to anyone and everyone. :) Go check it out and stop by to say hi. Everyone is just so nice and friendly!

Hugs, and happy crafting!

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