Saturday, February 28, 2015

Make a Wish

Sharing this fun shaped card this week I am using a gorgeous stamp from Sherri Baldy image 572.  They are having a wonderful Challenge over at the SSS Challenge blog, so it's a great time to do a project just like this.  The way that I am using these shapes and still maintaining a card is by taking a regular A2 (or other standard square or rectangle card) and then adding two shapes together to completely cover it.  Now you have a wonderful shape on the front and still a functional card.  The trick is to keep the size small enough that it will still fit in a large envelope.  (Hey, that's what those 8.5x5.5 envelopes are for right? if not, you can always go with the standard shipping envies of 6x9, a little d├ęcor and they are pefect!)

Huge thanks to Sherri Baldy this month for her wonderful Support!  She's been celebrating with me all month long as I celebrated 5 years of Seizure Free life following the brain surgery in 2010 that saved my life.  She's not only a great artist, she a good friend and a great person!!  Just like the Genie in this card, All My Wishes have already come true, I hope yours do as well!